Mr Walsh regularly provides diagnosis and treatment for the following:

Skin Cancer, benign and malignant conditions affecting the skin. Both surgical and non surgical including complex reconstructions with local tissue flaps and skin grafts.

Lip vascular lesions. Small lesions can often be treated without a scar !

Facial Deformity, jaw shape and size problems, orthodontic surgery for teeth and orthognathic surgery for jaws.

Sleep Apnoea jaw surgery where it is indicated to improve the upper airways.

Wisdom tooth removal, dental extractions, root surgery. Bone grafting for dental implants.

Diagnosis,biopsy and management of oral lumps and bumps and medical conditions affecting the mouth.

Head and neck Lumps.

Diagnosis and management of jaw pain and facial pain.

Management of  trauma to face, jaws, orbits, mouth, nose & teeth.

Diagnosis of potential oral cancers.

Management of salivary gland problems and salivary gland stones.

Facial plastic surgery / aesthetic enhancement.